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Cody Pike

Rapid Fishing Solutions Pro Staff

Cody Pike

What's up everybody! I'm Cody Pike from Powhatan, VA. I grew a love for bass fishing at a very young age when Grandpa would take me fishing at the pond behind his house. It got to the point where I would bug him every day, and that little farm pond grew old. So finally, we got a boat and could expand. Then one day, in the newspaper my dad saw an advertisement for a youth bass fishing club in my county with the first tournament coming soon. Well little would you know the little 12-year-old kid I was finished second in that 20-boat youth derby, and it had me hooked. I am now competing in the Bassmaster Eastern Opens and Northern FLW Costas. Even though they have about 200 more boats with an actual pay out, I still love the feeling of that heart beating 1,000BPM when you land a monster.

I’ve had many ups and downs the last few years fishing the Bassmaster opens. I've been blessed with three top 12's in three years, but I'm still waiting on that magical year where I'm finally able to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series. I have a passion for all types of outdoors, but if I'm not fishing and it's the months of October through early January, your best bet to find me is in a deer stand. That passion is just as strong as fishing. My day job consists of running an assisted living facility. My grandfather started this business 35 years ago and I was fortunate to have it passed down to me. So, while I'm gone fishing, luckily grandpa is still close by to keep things straight at work.

I was introduced to Rapid Fishing Solutions and all their great products they make to help make more use of my time in the boat. Although they make many great products, I would have to say my favorite is the Hook-All. It is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in my boat.

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